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About the author.

Gareth Warburton is an olympic 800m runner with 20 years of running experience behind him. He’s competed in 5 European championships, for Great Britain, 2 Commonwealth games and the London 2012 Olympics.

“I started running training club in 2013 to help all runners and to share some of my experiences and expertise. People start running for many different reasons. Some want to lose weight, where as others are looking to compete and push their bodies to the limit. Whatever the reason you will fns something for you here.

I am passionate about guiding runners to fulfil their running goals and aiding people who want to start running or to just be healthier.

You will find product reviews like our fitbit surge review and training guides like our half marathon training plan and so much more besides.

At the moment I’m in heavy training for the Rio Olympics next year. Which would be my second Olympics and a dream come true. Ive always wanted to visit Brazil so i will give it my all to be there.

Have also organised my first race. Dragon 10k which will be run again next year in March.

I have had my ups and downs in the sport, least of all 2014 and everything that went with that. But i have learned to move and move forward, and thats what training and competing is all about. Keep going, move on and never give up.

My life is very busy these days. With my girlfriend sioned and our little boarder collie GELERT every day brings something different.Running training club

My other passion is music. Aside from this website i also run a record player review site.