Mio LINK Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Band Review 2015


The Mio Link heart rate monitor, is the new kid on the block.. He’s come into the big boys neighbourhood and does things a little different from the rest. Gone is the traditional chest strap and in comes the wrist tracking hear rate.

The Mio Link band is an optical heart rate monitor that uses light sensors to view down into your capillaries and then gets a reading back for your heart rate, which is given as an average beats per minute. This is different from the more traditional chest strap HRM (heart rate monitor) which picks up your heart rate electromagnetically.

The big draw of the Mio Link Heart rate monitor is the absence of the old chest strap. Many a training run have i grappled with the strap and countless times has it fallen down while out on a run. This wrist design will appeal greatly to women who have complained for years about the chest strap.

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When i opened the box i must admit, i was a little disappointed with the design and style of the band. It was bulky and dated in look. The wrist band comes in two colors: A grey/black color, which Mio are calling slate and a white color, which is called Arctic. The unit comes in two sizes. The smaller size which is for 145-187mm size wrists and a lager size for 162-216mm wrists. The pod that records the data is capably of coming free, so if you didn’t like the color you could change the band and keep all the data.


Measure around your upper wrist, above – not directly on top of – your wrist bone
Mio LINK Regular (S/M) Strap: 121-175mm / 4.8″-6.9″
Mio LINK Long (L) Strap: 149-208mm / 5.9″-8.2″

After wearing the band for a few days, it easily collected dust and dirt and i had to wipe it down on a regular basis.


The Mio band is charged via a USB adapter, which is included. There are mixed reviews on battery life. i have been using mine for 2 days now and hasn’t needed to be charged. But some people have indicated that theirs needs charging after 7/8 hours, which seems a very short time indeed. The USB connection on the band is very neat indeed. It see magnets to secure itself in place.


Set Up and Features

The band is to be placed slightly higher on the wrist than you’d wear your usual watch. To access your heart rate you need to press and hold the button (which doesn’t look much like a button) and wait until the LED light begins to flash. Once the light is pulsating at a steady beat- then it has found your pulse

Mio heart rate monitor


The Mio link has both Ant+ and Bluetooth technologies. On the first model of the Link (which was funded on kickstarter) you had to choose which connection you wanted. The neat feature on the new model is you can use both of theses connection at the same time.

When using the Ant+ connection you can decide to pair it to as many devices as you’d like.  The Bluetooth smart feature can be connected to any device that has Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities and also apps that support Bluetooth smart heart rate profiles. Also the iPhone 4 and upwards and iPad 3rd generation and upwards, Android devices also.

The unit is waterproof up to 30m.

Mio Go Mobile App

link strapless heart rate monitor

The Mio Link can be paired with any fitness app through Bluetooth Smart technology. The LINK sends the HR reading through the Bluetooth to your fitness apps, such as RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Wahoo, Endomondo, Runtastic, and the Mio GO app.

The ANT + feature allows you to link the HRM to any GPS watch, like Garmin, Suunto and timex. Very much like other HRM the Mio is able to sync to your phone, which is handy to analyse the data. It sends data wirelessly to an app o your phone. One of the best features is that it can connect with an array of different apps besides the Mio Go

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How does the Mio Link stack up against other Heart Rate Monitors 

All of the other heart rate monitors on the market use a chest strap to determine your pulse, it is only the Mio that uses light sensors.

Heart Rate Comparison 2015Price
Polar FT4 $59.99
Polar FT7 $69.95
Garmin Premium $42.55
Garmin HRM $96.89
Suunto Duel $43.99
Wahoo Blue $66.81
Wahoo Ticker $59.95
Bio Sport $149.95
Power Tap $119.99
Scosche Rhythm $79.95


Pros of the Mio Link 

Rega rp1 review Links to any fitness app

Rega rp1 review No chest strap

Rega rp1 review Lighweight

Rega rp1 review Shows calories and duration in the App


Cons of the Mio Link

Rega turntable review No watch display.

Rega turntable review Expensive for only a HRM

Rega turntable review Gathered Inaccurate data from time to time.

Rega turntable review No timer


Having your heart rate on your wrist instead of on your chest is the real draw of this heart rate monitor. it will allow you to train without having to worry about putting the chest strap on. The easy to use App is a nice feature, but id like a display on the LINK itself. A flashing strobe light isn’t a good enough indication.mio link review

Would be nice if it had a clock or a stopwatch. Because it didn’t I had to run with a Garmin and the Mio link band while out training. Where as a chest strap with my Garmin would have probably been easier to wear.

The easy to use nature of the band is nice. Basically just switch it on and away you go, its immediately recording data. The problem i had: i needed the data while i was out on a run, and didn’t have the time to access my phone. This is one of the biggest problem with the Mio LINK heart rate monitor.

There are training modes you can set in the App also. Once its connected to your device of choice it will gather information and show you calories burned, duration and beats per minute of each day’s workouts.

Since the Mio Link is a heart rate monitor watch without a chest strap, its design is slightly different than other heart rate monitors. It’s built into the wrist unit so you won’t need a chest strap, but dissapointingly there is no screen to see your progress and this is a deal clincher for me. Without this real time data i can’t train effectively, its nice to see data after a run but thats not when i need it.  It does however, come in two sizes and two different colors and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours.


Last thought

I liked the idea of the LINK heart rate monitor but was disappointed with some of the features it was lacking. If they can add a LED screen to view realtime data and a stopwatch then id rate the LINK much higher