The MIO sports company have been slowly but surely gaining fans all over the world. They burst on the scene with the MIO LINK heart rate monitor wrist band. The link has some great features and a personal Mio Alpha 2 Reviewfavourite of mine. But the problem with that product, was it didn’t have a display and it needed more features and functionality. So the Mio company went away and came back with the MIO Alpha and now the MIO Alpha 2. In This Mio Alpha 2 review we will put it through its paces to see just how good this watch is.

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What is the MIO ALPHA 2

In a nutshell the Alpha 2 is a performance sports watch that has an optical Heart Rate Monitor feature and simple fits on your wrist. It is capable of broadcasting your data using its Bluetooth Smart technology, to an Android app or an iOS one. The display is basic and retro looking. On this you can se your heart rate, your duration and some other data. Unlink other fitness/performance watches the distance travelled data comes from a accelerometer and not a GPS feature. Most of the setting up and configuration is done via the MIO GO app.

Get the MIO ALPHA 2 manual here


Features and Performance

There has been much talk over how accurate an optical Heart Rate Monitor is: The more traditional strap across the chest method is certainly more accurate, but the optical method has definitely improved from what it used to be. Now its pretty accurate, still not perfect (or as accurate as a chest strap) but gives decent results. The advantage is that you don’t have to bother with the pain in the arse strap across the chest, that so many people dislike.mio alpha 2 review

I was happy with the general accuracy of the Mio alpha and didn’t see too much difference from my Garmin watch.

The device is water resistant up to 30 meters, but you can’t press any buttons underwater (I’m not sure you would want to anyway)

One problem i found when out running, was that the heart rate monitor had trouble finding my heart rate when my arm was sweaty. You’d think that this wouldn’t be a problem as it works fine in water

but for some reason sweat causes it a problem. This didn’t happen all the time, but was noticeable when it did. If your a sweaty person maybe you should think twice about buying this.

A point to understand about the Alpha 2 is that its not a ANT+ syncing device like Garmin watches it uses bluetooth-smart technology only. It doesn’t use GPS tracking it uses Accelerometer for the distance travelled. If you want pace and speed then this will have to come from your smart phone via the app.Running Training Club


A very important feature of performance watches is battery life. No one wants a battery to die half way through a long run sunday. The Alpha 2 has good battery life, i had no problems with training for a few hours at a time. It also charged up very quick whenever i needed to give it extra juice.

The calorie counting function seems to be fairly accurate. I wore the Alpha and my fitbit at the same time and got roughly the same data, give or take 10 calories either way.

The watch is designed to sit just above the wrist bone. I found this to be quite uncomfortable to begin with and felt unnatural. But once i had worn the watch a few times i hardly noticed it was there.


The Look

The look and design of products are ver subjective and what one person likes might not be the same for another. The Mio Alpha is a little large for me. I like my watches and gear to be a little smaller and compact. This is a purely my opinion and doest reflect the way the product works at all.

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The Mio Alpha 2 is very comfortable to wear even though the strap looks big and chunky. The buttons can be a little difficult to press especially when you are running or training. The display screen is very easy to read, navigate about the interface and understand.


The App

When you first get the alpha 2 heart rate monitor you will need to set it up, and configure its settings. Lots of people have found problems doing this and integrating it with the app. I didn’t find this process hard at all. You will need to pair the Mio app up with the device. You can also pair it with your favourite running apps: Like Strava, Map my run and  Endomondo to name a few.mio alpha 2


Pros of the MIO Alpha 2


Mio Alpha 2 review

Flashing light which changes based on different heart rate zones


Mio Alpha 2 review

Optical HR on the wrist. Saves from wearing a chest strap.


Mio Alpha 2 review

Accurate HR for optical devices


Mio Alpha 2 review

Water resistant up to 30m


Mio Alpha 2 review

Comfortable to wear



Cons of the MIO Alpha 2

cons of the mio alpha 2

Has problems with sweaty arms


cons of the mio alpha 2

The Mio app isn’t as good as it should be.


cons of the mio alpha 2

Watch is bulky and cumbersome


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If you are thinking of  purchasing the Alpha 2 by Mio then firstly you really need to think what your needs are. Are you looking for a heart rate monitor? a fitness tracker? a training watch with GPS? Or all of these?

  • The Alpha 2 is at its best as an optical heart rate monitor. If you are looking for something a little different to a chest strap HRM then this really could be the watch for you. The accuracy is good and its easy to use.


  • If you are looking for an all round performance watch that has lots of features then this might not be the best choice. Even though the alpha 2 does have most of the features as other smart watches, it doesn’t perform them as well. The distance tracking is ok. But to get pace data while on the go is not possible. This is done in the app. If you are someone who’s already using a fitness app like strava and are looking to add some extra accuracy to the data then this could be a great addition to your fitness tracking.


  • The watch is very comfortable to wear, even though it looks bulky and cumbersome. I did catch it on my clothes a few times while putting on jumpers.


  • Setting up the watch its fairly easy and connecting to your app of choice is simple.


  • When you’re out training and you want to track your heart rate, there’s an LED flashing light that indicates which heart rate zone you are in. This is great if your training involves HR zones.


  • The watch is suggested to fit 1-3 inches away from the wrist bone. I found this uncomfortable at first and really didn’t like it, but after some time of wearing it i hardly noticed.

Overall its a good performance watch, thats best as an optical Heart Rate monitor. If you are looking for other features along with this maybe best to look elsewhere.