Choosing the right whey protein can be a hard and complex procedure. A quick internet search reveals thousands of different brands on the market all claiming to give you incredible results. But how to do you separate the wheat from the chaff..

  • Do you go on your friends recommendations?
  • Do you choose a company with a flashy name or nice looking products?
  • Do you choose whats on sale?
  • Or something that tastes good?

These are important questions, getting the right recovery drink at the right time after exercise can be the difference between keeping the gains you made in that session or losing them. The important thing to understand is that not just any whey powder will do.Cheap whey protein

On the market today there are good protein products and there are not so good (or bad) protein products. Being able to tell the difference between them, can be important and crucial for you to relies your full potential.


1st Step

First off you have to be commended for understanding the benefits of whey protein supplementation in your training regime. Lots of athletes don’t understand this and neglect their bodies craving for this important muscle and recovery supplement.

 Whey Protein Powder benefits

A quick summary of some of the benefits of taking protein supplements.

  • Whey is the richest sources of BCAAs (Which include Lecine, valine and isoleucine. These three amino acids are imperative for recovery and muscle growth, and also they keep your energy levels high during exercise.
  • Whey contains biologically active microfactation proteins, which include alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptides and others. These give the body antioxidants, which help boost immune functions and helps recovery.
  • High digestion rate. Whey can digest very fast and in less than 30 minutes can be fast tracked to all parts of the body.


Natural Whey protein is found in milk and production begins with dairy cows. These farms supply the big supplement companies with the whey that they need to make the products you see, and buy on the shelf. Whey is the most effective form of protein out there, but its effectiveness can be different with different quality of the powder. What limits the quality and success of the whey supplements is what else is mixed in with it to make the products you consume.

Cheap whey protein


Choosing the Best Whey Protein Powder

When you purchase a protein supplement your intentions is to buy protein and not fat or carbohydrate. The latter two are very easy to get from your diet, so when you are actually paying for a protein supplement you want to know that its packed with what your paying for i.e PROTEIN. If you take a look at the back of every product, it will indicate how much fat and carbs are in it.

But looking at these two stats aren’t enough. You will need to keep scanning down until you reach the ingredients list. This is where you will find out if the product is truly great or just an average item..

  1. Product MUST contain Whey Protein isolate (hydrolyzed whey protein)  These are the purest forms of protein that you can get. The hydrolyzed whey protein isolate is the high quality whey that has been pre digested into small protein fragments, which allows for even faster digestion.
  2. If you see whey protein concentrate on the label then this is a lesser quality ingredient. It has gone through less filtering which means a lower quality and lower percentage of protein.
  3. Isolates and Hydrolysates cost much more because they are a better grade of protein.
 To truly understand if a whey protein powder is cheap or high quality then a little math is required. You will need to take the grams of protein per serving which will be listed on the back of the product and divide it by the serving size, which will be grams. This will give you the amount of protein per serving.
Grams per serving     ÷   Serving Size
                     = % Protein per serving
To be considered a high quality whey protein product it should contain 80% or more of protein.

Staying clear of cheap whey protein brands

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