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Brooks Glycerin 12 Review 

Like most shoe brands these days the brooks running company update their flagship shoes on a regular basis. Its a contentious topic with avid shoe enthusiasts (if you can call us by such a name) as to exactly what is update and improved in each model that is brought out.

The Brooks Glycerin 12 is much lighter than its predecessors. I always had problems with the weight of the older models. Brooks were my first commercial sponsor as a professional athlete, when i competed at the London 2012 olympics in London i had a specially made spike with my name on it for the occasion. I feel like I’m the perfect person to review and give opinion on Brooks as I’ve ran and tried almost all of their models.

This model like i said is much lighter than the older ones. This makes the shoe feel so much more responsive on ground contact, but without loosing hardly any of the cushioning and support that the Glycerin 12 is known for.

The shoe has a lovely secure fit and feels great running on almost any surface. The trainer is designed as a neutral-cushioned running shoe. Its not designed as a racing shoe and in my opinion is far too heavy for this undertaking. I wear the Racer ST 5 racing flat for all road and Non-track races. Its a good racing shoe but not the best on the market.brooks womens glycerin 12

A change in the 12 model is the sole unit, now they have upgraded to a super BIO-MO-GO DNA material in the midsole area. And a newer designed heel, where most of the weight loss has come from.

The womens brooks glycerin is exactly the same shoe to the mens brooks glycerin. I know this is obvious but in the past I’ve had people ask me if they have anything different apart. They only difference from the brooks womens glycerin to the brooks mens glycerin is the colour scheme used.

Brooks Glycerin Features 

The Sole

Most of the updated features on the glycerin running shoe are through the sole. The biggest of these is the use of the BIO-MO-GO DNA material, which is all throughout the midsole. The heel has has an update also and the majority or the weight loss in this shoe is lost here.

This shoe also has pressure zones which are on the outsole, this is used to better the distribution of the ground impact on the floor.

All of these updates on the Glycerin 12 bring  lighter and all round better running shoe to the market.

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The Upper

The previous shoe the glycerin 11 was a revolutionary trainer for the company. It had gone through much change and improvement. The glycerin 12 has retained much of the changes that the 11 went through.

The mesh upper that encompasses the shoe is light weight and very breathable, this lets the foot have comfort and allows it to get air.

The heel box at the back of the glycerin 12 is even more rounded than previous neutral brooks running shoes. This has reduced the weight significantly but allowing the foot to sit in a more efficient position for running, but it still secures the snug fit that we come to expect.

brooks glycerin 12 mens

Brooks Glycerin 12 Conclusion 

The Glycerin 12 is one of my favourite running shoes. Its Brooks’s flagship trainer, has amazing cushioning and a decent profile. The only qualm is the price tag. Its an expensive shoe and only beaten in price by the Asics Nimbus.

The great use of the BIOMOGO DNA fabrics in the midsole, the pressure zones and better heel design make the shoe even better than its previous designs.

When running in these shoes you feel smooth and comfortable, a little heavier than i like but you can’t have everything in life.

Those runners who are looking for a great all round shoe that offers cushioning and support will find exactly what they want here. Its the perfect training shoe and can handle lots of different surfaces. If you want a shoe that will offer a nice return on your foot strike and can give that spring in your step on race day, i would suggest you look at another shoe and maybe try and buy a racing flat trainer, instead of a supported training shoe.

I would recommend this shoe above some of its rivals especially the nimbus which i have run in many times and prefer the Brooks glycerin 12 anyway.



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