Best exercises for each muscle group

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Exercises that target all muscle groups


The Body contains 640 muscles (depending on who’s counting) and it integral to keep each and every group mobile and healthy. When you train, how many of these muscles do you ignore? Its very easy to neglect certain muscle groups, when you have a routine week in week out, it can be very hard to get out of it. But its important to train all muscle groups.

We have compiled a guide of some of the best exercise for each muscle group respectively. Use the image/info graph below to discover the best exercise and movements to perform for each muscle group.

Best exercises for each muscle group


These are an example of some of the different exercises you can do to hit every muscle group. Be aware some of these exercise will cause stiffness the following day, this is because these muscle might never have been used before and it may take a little time before they are ready to be extorted fully so take your time with each exercise.

The most common way to list exercises for targeting all the body is simply in terms of what muscle groups we want to hit.

While some of the exercise above will require the use of equipment and others will need only your body weight. Its important to remember these exercise are not to be done all in one go. They should be done over a week or 10 days. A good idea would be to focus on arms and back on one day and legs the next and so forth.


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