Best Mobile Apps to smash that next run

The technology world has become almost reliant on the running app industry. Many of us won’t leave on a run without our smart phone with Strava or MapMyRun installed on it. What are the 6 best running apps 2015.

There are many free or very cheap apps available which track your milage, log your workouts and do much more. We have tested some of the best available and put them through their paces and we will reveal the good from the bad..

#6 Wahoo Fitness

This is a free app available on iOS and Android. This app makes it easy to navigate between outdoor running and indoor/treadmill runs. And there is also a feature than can handle bike rides, whether that is out on the road or even on a spinning bike indoors. The Wahoo fitness app is rich in data and allows users to create laps on the go. One of the annoying features of the app is that it doesn’t allow sharing on social media. But it is easy to export data or to share that data with other health/fitness apps. The app was designed to be paired with the Tickr running strap but it can be paired with other heart rate monitors, but its also a stand alone program.

#5 Run Keeper


The Run Keeper app is another free option and is also available on iOS and Android. Its a very popular application where user can set in app challenges. Many user have complained about the interface being hard to navigate and a little complicated and but like the easy to use news feeds and family and friends leaderboard. The good thing about RunKeeper is it can be customised very easily. Users can choose to include a countdown to start their workout, and turn auto-pause on or off so that when they stop running, RunKeeper stops recording.running apps 2015

There is an option to get additional training plans and to stop ad placements and you can also compare your workouts, but to get this Elite version you will need to pay $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

#4 Runtastic

Another big name in the running app world is Runtastic its on iOS and Android and is free. This app allows you to easily share your data with Apple Health and MYFitnessPal, it also allows you to post updates to Facebook and Twitter. Runtastic like some other apps (Nike+) has a cheering feature, which gives you encouragement and help when out training. Its also possible to turn on live tracking to allow your social media followers to know where you are and what you’ve done. The basic features of Runtastic are very detailed and include detailed statistics, a newsfeed and connectivity to heart rate monitors and other sensors. But features that you would expect the app to include like auto-pause, only come with the paid-pro version. The pro version costs $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year. The Pro version also allows you access to one of Runtastic’s standout features: Story Running. This lets you listen to original stories during your runs and workouts. But again these stories come at a costa and usually cost around $0.99 per story.

#3 Nike+

At number 3 is the one of the sports industries giants Nike. The Nike+ running app is free and available on iOS and Android. The app is great for its easy stylish interface and has free coaching programs. A good thing about the Nike+ app is that its personal training feature, that usually you have to pay for on other running apps is free. The app gives you week by week workouts for you to have goals to work towards. For example: Running a 5k. After you have recorded your workout, the app will save the map of the route you took, as well as your time, pace, elevation change and calories burned. Its also possible yo conrol the music you listen to while training, with the In-app music control. You can record outdoors or indoors on the running apps 2015



One of the key stand out features on the Nike+ app is its social sharing options. Runs can be uploaded to all the social media sites, as well as to friends and family members you want to show off to. It is also possible to set up challenges and invite friends to compete against you. On the app interface you can see headboards, to see how ell you’re doing against your competitors. Like the Runtasic app the Nike+ has a cheering feature that uploads your training to Facebook, when someone comments or likes that status, you will hear virtual cheering noises on your phone, this can turn a lonely run into a social event. Like other running apps it can be connected to the Apple Health app and the Apple Watch.

#2 MapMyRun

In at number 2 is MapMyRun. This very popular and powerful app will show you running routes on a map and allow you to save the routes for later use. If you are stuck for routes and places to go running you can see nearby running section that other runners have completed. There is a large list of sponsored challenges, many of which include the opportunity to win prizes. MapMyRun can be connected to an array of different devices, including your Jawbone, Fitbit and any heart rate monitor you like. A gear tracker allows you to log how many miles you’ve run in a certain pair of trainers and lets you know when those shoes have seen their best days.

The app has tons of customisable settings  which included: a delayed start timer (great if you like to fiddle with earphones or phone cases) and auto-pause so when you stop running or training the app stops recording also, and only starts back when you commence your run. There is audio feedback that will let you know of the distance travelled, the pace you have run the last distances in and the average current distance running apps

Everything mentioned above is on the free MapMyRun app option. But for $5.99 a month or $29.99 a year there are additional features that include: live tracking and audio coaching, custom splits and cadence analysis. The best upgrades with the MVP paid package is Route Genius. This allows you to enter the length and type of the run you desire, and the app will create a tailored route for you. Ideal if you are bored of running the same routes or stuck for new ones.

#1 Strava

And our Winner of the 6 Best Running Apps 2015 is Strava. This app prides its self on the fact that individuals are keen on a competitive drive. Strava is free in iOS and Android and is known for its leaderboard system that allows users of the app to create and designate segments and then compete against other users to see who is top for that particular section. The idea of the app was designed for cyclists initially but the running session has really taken off within the last couple of years. Any individual can explore these sections, but if you desire real time updates on iTunes, you will need to pay $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year for the upgrade. This upgrade also lets you set advance goals, pace zone analysis and further in-depth leaderboards, which can be separated by age and gender. It is also possible to get a “Suffer Score” to show how hard you are working/suffering during each run.

2015 6 best running apps

The free version of Strava is able to keep track of your distance, split pace and routes, and allows you to take part in challenges. There is also a shoe feature, which tells you how far you have run in a particular trainer and when its time to change the old ones and buy new ones. Its also possible to connect to heart rate monitors and to other sensors.

Strava has a really nice interface, with a black background and red features, its very easy to navigate around. You can easily change between running and cycling by tapping on the shoe or bike icon.

This multi sport app is best for runners who get their kicks from stats and competition. On the other hand if you just want a simple app to track your daily jog then this might not be for you.

Along with these apps for your smart phone, there is also many good running GPS watches take a look at our post on here best running watches 

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